iconProf Walker's Invitation

If you are passionate about the scandal of disunity in the churches and wish to see Christians coming together on the basis of historic orthodoxy then you are engaged in mission whether you know it or not. As Christians we cannot help but be missioners for it is in our DNA. But we are often not very good at it. The problem starts with not recognizing that missiology is rooted in ecclesiology. In other words what sort of a church we are will determine what sort of missionaries we are. The problem is compounded by the fact that the sort of church we are also tells us whether we have the theological resources to mission successfully. Perhaps I can help. I am offering a theologically based free personal consultancy to priests, pastors, and church leaders. This is not from a stance of neutrality or inexperience. I am an advocate of ‘deep church’* and believe that it is impossible to mission to our culture unless we have a firm grasp of the gospel and are familiar with Church History. My methods have been honed in the academy and the churches of Great Britain and the United States. Using what I call Inductive Bible Study I will show you how I use scripture to demonstrate the non negotiable doctrines of Christianity: the Trinity, the Lordship of Christ, the Incarnation, the Passion, Resurrection, Ascension, and the return of Jesus as the eschaton.

I will also want to discuss with you the significance of the common Christian tradition which has survived schism and neglect albeit tattered, bloodied and bowed.

I work from home which is some 10 miles west of central London. My e.mail is extant at King’s College and I am happy initially to communicate through this medium If you would like to visit your only cost will be getting here. I am offering mentoring not a formal course so the only restraint on the length of time we can spend together will depend on how we get on.

As time goes by I will add resources to this web site in the way of book lists and useful theological links but this is not essentially an educational website or a blog: it is an invitation to individuals and small groups to pray and study with me.

* C S Lewis’ alternative name for ‘mere Christianity’ (See letter to the Church Times , February 5th 1952) adopted and extended in meaning by the deep church network. See Walker & Bretherton, Remembering Our Future: explorations in deep church
( Paternoster:2007)